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Make sure that you’re connected to the internet and your firewall isn’t blocking Windows from activating. If you’re still having problems, try to activate Windows by phone. You might see this error if you try to activate a device that is already in the process of activation. Your device should be activated after the first request is completed. If the activation server is temporarily unavailable, your copy of Windows will automatically be activated when the service comes back online.

You might see this error if the product key has already been used on another device, or it’s being used on more devices than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. To fix the problem, buy a product key for each one of your devices to activate Windows on them. Select Go to Microsoft Store , then follow the instructions to buy Windows If you don’t see Go to Microsoft Store on the Activation page, contact your organization’s support person.

If you made a substantial hardware changes to your device such as replacing the motherboard and you have a valid product key, try to activate Windows by phone. For more info about reactivating Windows 11 Version or later after a hardware change, see Reactivating Windows after a hardware change. You might see this error if you entered a product key for the Enterprise edition of Windows to activate Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro.

Enter a product key that matches the edition of Windows on your device. This error occurs when a Volume License a license that was bought from Microsoft by an organization to install Windows on multiple devices was used on more devices than the Microsoft Software License Terms allow. To fix the problem, you might need to use a different product key to activate Windows on your device. Contact your organization’s support person for more info. Try entering a product key that matches the edition of Windows on your device.

Or, you might see this error if you’re trying to activate your work device but aren’t connected to your workplace’s network. If you’re connected to your work network and still see this error, you might need to change the network settings. If your organization doesn’t have a support person, you might need to enter your product key again:. Select Change product key , and then type your character product key.

You might be asked for an admin password or to confirm your choice. You might see this error if the date and time for the device is incorrect, or Windows has trouble connecting to the online activation service and can’t verify your product key.

Verify date and time in Settings. In the search box on the taskbar, type network troubleshooter , then select Identify and repair network problems from the list of results. If the network troubleshooter didn’t find any problems with your network connection, try restarting your device to see if that fixes the problem. You might see this error after installing third-party software that changed system files.

Windows activation needs certain system files to complete activation. You can try to restore the system files back to an earlier point in time.

This removes any software you installed after that point in time without affecting your personal files. For more info, see the section about how to restore from a system restore point in Recovery options in Windows.

For more info about the troubleshooter, see Using the Activation troubleshooter. If this doesn’t work, you might need to reset your device. For more info, see the section in Recovery options in Windows. An error occurred with our activation server or licensing service.

If the Microsoft Store app shows there was a problem, select Try again. After a few minutes, you should see a message that thanking you for activating genuine Windows, followed by another message showing that Windows was activated. This error can occur if the update components are missing or corrupted on the computer.

This error might also occur due to poor network connectivity received by the system. Use the Windows update troubleshooter to check for the corrupted or missing updates or components. Running the troubleshooter will help find and in some cases fix the issue. Go to Windows Help , enter the error code in the Search for Help box at the top-right, and run the search. Browse through the search results carefully to make sure you try only those that apply to your situation. See Reactivating Windows after a hardware change for more info about reactivating Windows 10 after making a significant change to your device’s hardware.

If you’re having trouble activating Windows 10, follow these steps to fix activation errors:. Confirm that your device is up to date and running Windows 10, version or later. Not running Windows 10, version or later? Learn how to update your device at update Windows Not running Windows 10 yet?

If you’re running Windows 10, version or later, the Activation troubleshooter might help reactivate Windows if you recently made a significant hardware change such as replacing the motherboard or reinstalled Windows.

For more info about how activation works in Windows 10, see Activate Windows. If the troubleshooter detects a valid Windows 10 digital license for an edition not currently installed, it will let you know and show you how to install the correct edition. Windows 10 Pro volume license clients are used by large organizations that deploy Windows 10 to hundreds or thousands of computers. You upgraded to Windows 10, but the activation servers were busy.

You upgraded to Windows 10 using the free upgrade offer, but Windows 10 isn’t activated after a reinstall. Your copy of Windows 10 should automatically be activated as long as you didn’t make any significant hardware changes to your device such as replacing the motherboard. If you bought a device from a reseller of Windows 10 and expected the key to be valid, contact the reseller. If your device was purchased with Windows 10 preinstalled and you received this activation error upon turning it on for the first time, contact your device manufacturer.

If your device was recently repaired at an independent repair facility, contact them to see if the repairs require a new Windows 10 license.

Enter a valid product key that matches the version and edition of Windows 10 installed on your device. You might also see this error if you previously upgraded to Windows 10, but the current edition of Windows installed on your device doesn’t match the edition of your digital license. You can either enter a valid product key that matches the edition of Windows installed on your device or reinstall the edition of Windows 10 that matches your digital license.

If your device is running Windows 10 Version or later , the Activation troubleshooter can help you install the correct edition of Windows on your device. For example, a product key for the Enterprise edition of Windows 10 can’t be used to activate Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Core editions. For more info about reactivating Windows 10 Version or later after a hardware change, see Reactivating Windows after a hardware change.

You might see this error if you entered a product key for the Enterprise edition of Windows to activate Windows 10 Home or Windows 10 Pro. Related topics. Activation Overview. Install and Upgrades. Activation Troubleshooting. Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8. Activating Windows See Activate Windows for general info about activation, including how to choose your activation method.

Notes: If you don’t see Go to Microsoft Store on the Activation page, contact your organization’s support person. Need more help? Join the discussion. Was this information helpful? Yes No. Thank you! Any more feedback? The more you tell us the more we can help. Can you help us improve? Resolved my issue. Clear instructions. Easy to follow.

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– Windows 10 enterprise subscription is active windows is not activated free download

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Windows 10 enterprise subscription is active windows is not activated free download

If Windows 10 does not activate even after detecting an active Internet Connection, restart and try again. Or wait a few days, and Windows Chrome Developer Toolkit can be used to debug WebSocket but not binary stream. Open a Command Prompt window and install wscat: npm install -g wscat Run If a valid Windows 10 Pro license activation is not discovered on the Purchase the Windows 10 Enterprise E3 subscription or Microsoft.


Get help with Windows activation errors – Microsoft Support – Windows 10 Activation for Enterprise


Home Home Microsoft Microsoft windows 10 business subscription is active windows is not activated. New Contributor. The Windows 10 Edition does update to Windows 10 Business and Subscription shows as active however Activation fails: error 0xB “We can’t activate Windows on this device as we can’t connect to your organization’s activation server. Please help find the error and activate other Windows 10 devices.

Labels: Labels: Microsoft Tags: licenses. I do not have the KB update on my laptop. They need to be AAD joined at a minimum. Workgroup-joined or Azure AD registered devices are not supported.

Sorry didn’t see you had mentioned they are AAD joined. Check out your version in that article and it should still help.

Education Microsoft in education Office for students Office for schools Deals for students and parents Microsoft Azure in education. Archived Forums. Windows 10 Installation, Setup, and Deployment. Sign in to vote. Cheers, Zac Avramides. Friday, August 11, AM. Hi guys, Thanks for those links. They were helpful however they did not solve my issue. For anyone else that has trouble with this.

Windows E3 is seen as an upgrade in some senses. Zac Avramides. Monday, August 14, AM. On the left-hand pane, click Access work or school Click the Connect Check out our Windows 10 Services If you are unsure of what version of Windows your machine is on, you can do the following: 1 Click the Windows icon on the bottom left of your screen 2 With the icon clicked, type PC 3 An icon called This PC will appear, right-click it and select Properties 4 At the top you will see the Windows version that is currently installed on the PC.

And at the very bottom will show if Windows is activated Get Started Today For more information, call or email [email protected] We hope you found this useful, if you need any support we are here to help.

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This will trigger a new email. Users will use their domain-based credentials to sign in to the AD DS domain. You might ask why you need to synchronize these identities.

The answer is so that users will have a single identity that they can use to access their on-premises apps and cloud services that use Azure AD such as Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5. This means that users can use their existing credentials to sign in to Azure AD and access the cloud services that you provide and manage for them. Azure AD Connect is a service that you can install on-premises or in a virtual machine in Azure. If you are implementing Azure AD, and you already have an on-premises domain, you don’t need to integrate with Azure AD, since your main authentication method is your internal AD.

If you want to manage all your infrastructure in the cloud, you can safely configure your domain controller remotely to integrate your computers with Azure AD, but you won’t be able to apply fine controls using GPO.

Azure AD is best suited for the global administration of devices when you don’t have any on-premises servers. Customers who are federated with Azure Active Directory are also eligible.

For more information, see Review requirements on devices , later in this topic. Upon acquisition of Windows 10 subscription has been completed Windows 10 Business, E3 or E5 , customers will receive an email that will provide guidance on how to use Windows as an online service:. When you have the required Azure AD subscription, group-based licensing is the preferred method to assign Enterprise E3 or E5 licenses to users.

A per-user PowerShell scripted method of assigning licenses is available. Organizations can use synchronized AD groups to automatically assign licenses. Now that your subscription has been established and Windows 10 Enterprise E3 or E5 licenses have been assigned to users, the users are ready to upgrade their devices running Windows 10 Pro, version or later to Windows 10 Enterprise.

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