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I have tried everything suggested on the above page including several complete manual uninstalls, etc,. To fix, I did a reinstall of Vmfusion then opened the virtual machines without error. I was then able to install the Safari Had to do the reinstall and Safari update again. Everything now works. View solution in original post. This is an apple bug that got introduced somewhere during an update of macOS.

It will be recreated on reboot. The break occurred after I did a os restore from the recovery partition and added some Apple updates that showed up. Hello I have exactly the same problem, I run the command in Terminal but the problem persist, I got this message:. This suggested fix is not possible for me, I am running Mojave So I tried removing it from my booted machine, and I get operation not permitted when trying to remove the file. Do you have any other suggested fix or method of removing this folder?

I have tried everything on the internet to resolve this Broken Pipe error, including completely reinstalling VMWARE Fusion and deleting all associated preferences and related files using an App Cleaner. So I am stuck trying to resolve this Anything at this point would be helpful. None of these folders or files show up when booted to Recovery, And using terminal there. How can I remove this folder is the question. It seems to be a protected OSX File, which is not present when the system is not loaded.

What a headache, even for me. There must be a reason beyond my obsolete hardware that this is so slow, I was using VMWARE Fusion 7 or 8 before this and it was perfectly fine running in So I’m stuck with a potentially unresolvable situation.

Fortunately I am still in my 30 Days trial and will not be purchasing this software if it continues to be such a bug-fest. No, it has nothing to do with SIP. What’s the hardware configuration in the host and guest?

You should have no more than N-1 physical not virtual cores allocated to the guest 2 minimum unfortunately to run Windows 10 , and leave a minimum of 4GB for the host OS. So that means that if it’s a dual-core 4GB machine, you’re really out of luck getting decent virtualization performance because the host requires 2 cores just for OSX at a bare minimum. Some things you can check are to make sure that debug is off completely in the VM settings, that it’s on the latest hardware version, and that the virtual machine itself is on an SSD drive preferably internal to the computer.

You should also disable system restore in the guest as well as any antivirus scans or other similar utilities that scan the entire drive. Last, make sure you exclude the virtual machine folder from TIme Machine it doesn’t back up reliably anyway, and can cause contention issues , and close down as much other software as you can on the host.

Unfortunately, you are probably right, and the issue is likely that that machine is really old, and predates both the original Windows 10 release by several years, as well as being the oldest machine to run Mojave. Mojave is a substantially heavier load on machines than earlier releases, so it easily could have pushed it over the edge. Thank you for your response, Sir. I don’t disagree with you, I will be upgrading or buying a new machine when I am able to, As of now that is not the case.

For a variety of reasons. Mostly because I have multiple Macbook Retina models to feed parts from, so this thing just keeps going and going. I have a Desktop Gaming computer which I prefer not to use for Virtualization but will use it if its necessary because of performance problems on the Apple side of things.

Regarding Mojave, Initially I upgraded from a And I did. This was remarkable for a old M 1gb GeForce Video card, As before I upgraded to Mojave my Framerate was only about FPS with the same settings at this resolution so I disagree with you that Mojave should run slower on this machine, perhaps CPU related processes do run slower but Graphics calculations seemed to be much more efficient with the newer release.

Regardless, I don’t expect to resolve this problem nor do I expect community support for it, Though I have made a thread just incase anyone shares the same issue and somehow has resolved it,. And I do appreciate your “Things to try” regarding I believe debug is off completely by default, yes? I have a PC that’s 2 years newer which runs windows 10 flawlessly, It makes no sense that my Macbook with the same i7 Series and most recent updates though Mobile should perform at a similar level as a VM, No?

I guess thats too much to ask. Though software should be more optimized In general.. That’s a “pseudo process”, as in that it is not a real process. It is what macOS shows when it is throttling.

Usually due to getting too hot, but it also happens if you charge your laptop from the wrong side. Turn on suggestions.

Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. I have tried everything suggested on the above page including several complete manual uninstalls, etc, Error does not go away.

Privacy settings are correct. Why not? Vm fusion 1. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Accepted Solutions. Correction: Vm fusion Hi, This is an apple bug that got introduced somewhere during an update of macOS. Then reboot your macOS host and start VMware again. Hi Wila, Thank you for your rapid reply.

I have just done another recovery partition restore without the updates and Vmfusion now works. When I have the time, I will try adding the updates one by one. Thank you, Peter. DanielPrieto Contributor. Preview file. Cidenet Enthusiast. See if this helps read all the way to the bottom of thread.

So I’m stuck with a potentially unresolvable situation Fortunately I am still in my 30 Days trial and will not be purchasing this software if it continues to be such a bug-fest. As much as I hate to say it, upgrading to a newer machine is probably something to consider. I just wish this was supported better. Tags 2. Tags: metal.



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Please could someone please help me out as to what the error is! Those are default files created by macOS. I successfully installed VMware Tools and was glad to find out I could indeed choose and bit color. Fix this by rebooting to Recovery Mode, then in a terminal do:. AWS will be sponsoring Ask Different.


Vmware fusion 8.5 could not open /dev/vmmon free. Subscribe to RSS

Thanks for any advice. You’ll see that VMware Fusion is requesting access to part of your system which you need to жмите.

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