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HD Screen Wallpapers. Choose from a curated selection of screen wallpapers for your mobile and desktop screens. Always free on Unsplash. HD Art Wallpapers. HD Cute Wallpapers. HD Feeling Wallpapers. HD iPhone Wallpapers. Download and use 80,+ windows 10 wallpaper stock photos for free. Thousands of new images every day Completely Free to Use High-quality videos and images from Pexels. The background of this screen can be a single colour, multiple colours, or some other graphical representations. A desktop wallpaper is highly customizable, and you can give yours a personal touch by adding your images (including your photos from a camera) or download beautiful pictures .

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Screenpresso はPCのデスクトップをキャプチャするツールです。トレーニング用のドキュメント、コラボレーションデザインワーク、ITのバグレポートを作るのをサポートします。. Screenpresso 特徴 ダウンロード サポート ссылка на подробности. Screenpresso Menu. 画像とビデオの画面キャプチャ スクリーンショットは、同僚やクライアントに説明をする時間を節約できます。. 数回のクリックで あなたの画面に表示されているもの をキャプチャします。 ワークスペースで キャプチャ履歴 を管理します。. Screenpressoの 組み込みの画像エディタ を使うと、スクリーンショットの中の強調したいポイントを目立たせることができます。 ドキュメント生成機能 で、画面キャプチャーと説明文付きのPDFドキュメントを作成します。. Screenpresso is easily one of the simplest, best screenshot tools I have ever used.

I appreciate its small computer footprint, but large power. It allows me to quickly show students what they should be seeing instead of trying to windows 10 home screen images free download it.

Your product is wonderful! It really makes it easy for me to explain something to my colleagues or clients because explaining to them by showing them exactly what I need them to do is key ; and your tool does the job.

With Screenpresso I minimize misunderstandings since complicated facts can be easily pictured by meaningful images and movies. Hence Screenpresso is one of my favorite applications for daily work. Hope it stays that way. Perfektes Programm um AnleitungenVerfahrensanweisungen, etc. zu erstellen. I use Screenpresso everyday, all day long at work. I am now a capture addict. Having an easy and comprehensive capture tool that allows me /33437.txt label, sort and edit captures into custom folders by topic and instantly post to my multiple cloud storage portals, allows me to have content I need available when I need it.

I do a lot of genealogy research so I use a /11899.txt of clipping so I can compare information and use for source material data. This program works excellently on pdf files. Thanks for a great program at a great price. I have tested screenpresso thoroughly and recommended it как сообщается здесь a lot of People, being a trainerI usually train persons per week.

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It is a tool I windows 10 home screen images free download use 50 times a day. It has just about every feature possible and the work area and editor are great. when not needed it neatly tucks out of the way. Fast customer support too!

ホーム 特徴 価格設定 ボリュームディスカウント ダウンロード サポート 私たちに関しては 翻訳 ソフトウェア使用許諾契約書 第三者 個人情報保護方針 アフィリエイトプログラム. 最近のリリース Screenpresso 2. ソーシャルネットワーク Windows 10 home screen images free download Facebook Youtube. Screenpresso 2. Twitter Facebook Youtube.


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Forgot your password? Username Email address is missing. Fixed an issue where keyboard and mouse would stop working in Highlights summary dialog with PUBG.


Windows 10 home screen images free download


Fixed an issue with upload of videos or screenshots. Fixed an issue where Highlights did not work. Add Memes for your favorite GIFs Create short GIFs from any video captured by GeForce Experience. Updates to Game Filters and Photo Mode It’s now easier to create your unique filter – simply select the filter to add from the Game Filter menu. Share your NVIDIA Ansel screenshot to win Visit our game photography gallery, Shot with GeForce , showcasing the community’s best Ansel photographs, and participate in our monthly contest.

And more! Added new features to manage your privacy and data. Learn more at privacy. com Added notification when drivers are required for new features. Streamlined registration process and first time experience. Fixed “A supported game is required to use this feature” issue with Freestyle.

This requires updating to Game Ready Driver Fixed an issue where keyboard and mouse would stop working in Highlights summary dialog with PUBG. Fixed an issue with Instant Replay when hard drive is low on disk space.

Fixed an issue with Highlights not working with Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and Fortnite. Updated translations for Ansel and Freestyle. Fixed game minimization issue for Cuphead, Kingdom: Classic, Battletech, Divinity Original Sin 2, Heroes of the Storm, GRIP, FrostPunk and Farming Simulator Fixed an issue where In Game Overlay would disappear after minimizing games a few times.

Fixed an issue with DOTA2 where the In Game Overlay would not open after ALT-tabbing from the game. Fixed an issue where the mouse would be out of sync in the In Game Overlay on 4K resolution at DPI. Fixed an issue where notifications would persist on screen after switching to another window. Improved GameStream connectivity and reliability. Fixed an issue of no audio on games after a GameStream session.

Added Gamestream login support for Tencent games using keyboard and mouse when connected to SHIELD. Various stability, security, and performance improvements. Share your favorite GIFs Take your favorite Highlights video and share a 5 to 15 second GIF to Facebook, Weibo, or Google Photos! Upload and showcase your best game photos on our new Shot with GeForce website Visit our game photography gallery, Shot with GeForce , showcasing the community’s best Ansel photographs.

Note: the game must be running with Highlights enabled to access these settings. We’ve improved Gamestream connectivity under poor network conditions.

We’ve improved upload robustness while uploading multiple files at the same time. Fixed an issue where GeForce Experience had an empty screen.

Fixed an issue in multi-monitor configurations where video would be recorded on the primary monitor in the resolution of second monitor. Fixed an issue where users lost their Freestyle settings after accessing Ansel Photo Mode. Fixed an issue where Instant Replay temp files could accumulate and take up disk space. Fixed an issue where ShadowPlay would not record with microphone turned on.

Fixed a red slash issue during recording with microphone turned on. Fixed an issue of incorrect Instant Replay duration if Highlights was started before Instant Replay. Fixed an issue with Sniper Elite 4 where the mouse got stuck if In Game Overlay was brought up and the game was running in windowed mode. Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay slide-in notification would pop up for some desktop applications like Oculus Home.

Fixed ELEX game crash on launch through GameStream. Fixed an issue with GameStream when PC is connected to a monitor using Display Port 1.

Addressed various stability and performance issues. More Improvements We’ve improved Gamestream connectivity under poor network conditions.

Fixed an issue with Sniper Elite 4 where mouse got stuck if In Game Overlay was brought up and game was running in window mode. Take beautiful game photos with our improved Ansel Photo Mode beta feature We’ve added powerful photo-editing capabilities with 7 new filters, 18 different controls, and the ability to combine filters together for advanced effects.

Capture your best moments in Fortnite Battle Royale with ShadowPlay Highlights We’re happy to announce ShadowPlay Highlights support for Fortnite Battle Royale. Record videos and take screenshots of Microsoft Windows Games We’ve added UWP support to ShadowPlay, which means you can now record videos and capture screenshots from games purchased from the Microsoft Windows Store. Improvements to GameStream We’ve provided a workaround to enable HDR support for Middle-earth: Shadow of War, Forza Motorsport 7, and Call of Duty: WW II.

Visit the GeForce Forums for further instructions. Fixed a bug with the trim feature in the ShadowPlay Highlights summary screen. Fixed an installation error caused by the SHIELD wireless controller installer. Fixed a GameStream audio issue with Stream for Call of Duty: WWII.

Fixed an issue where DPI scaling would impact the in-game overlay. Fixed an issue where FPS counter would appear in the application Wallpaper Engine. Fixed an issue of image flickering on the in-game overlay. Fixed an issue where new users were not able to log in. We’ve fixed an issue where ShadowPlay Highlights game permission dialog was displayed in the wrong window. Improved game detection We’ve sped up game detection for games installed through Oculus Store and games located in your Windows Quick Launch bar.

Beta feature Now you can create and share. Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay and ShadowPlay did not work if Spotify or other services were running. Fixed an issue where recorded video is shorter than desired length. Fixed an issue where In-Game Overlay was more transparent in full screen mode. Fixed an issue with In-Game Overlay and Shadowplay Indicators on multi-GPU systems with SLI disabled. Fixed controller support for Destiny 2 in GameStream. Added ability to independently control volume of microphone and system sounds.

Moved location for customizing the resolution, frame rate and bit rate into Settings. Improved ShadowPlay memory and CPU usage. Added support for Windows 10 Fall Creators Update requires Game Ready Driver Improved speed in detecting games on your PC.

GameStream to SHIELD Improved audio and minimized corruption and glitches. Improved video quality on SHIELD tablets with limited bandwidth. Bug Fixes Fixed issue where ShadowPlay Highlights did not always record. Fixed issue where editing ShadowPlay Highlights video resulted in out-of-sync audio. Fixed issue where in-game overlay notification appears in Microsoft Visual Studio. Fixed issue where ShadowPlay did not work even though the PC met system requirements.

Fixed issue for Quake Champions where ShadowPlay did not work if Instant Replay was previously enabled. Fixed issue for The Witcher 3 where launching in-game overlay froze the mouse pointer.

Fixed issue for Discord where FPS overlay would appear requires driver Fixed issue where GeForce Experience would prevent PC from going to sleep. Fixed issue where installation of Game Ready Driver would not be successful. Fixed issue where Optimal Playable Settings could be missing on GTX Ti.

Removed NVIDIA Tray Icon from Windows system tray in order to reduce the system footprint of NVIDIA software. Added feature to follow nFans WeChat club for China Region. Bug Fixes Fixed a bug that would re-enable the GeForce Experience overlay after exiting certain games. Fixed a bug that prevented saving ShadowPlay Highlights to another hard drive. Fixed bug to install GeForce Experience with a non-admin Windows user account.

Fixed a bug where ShadowPlay Highlights videos are overwritten without user consent. Fixed a bug where ShadowPlay Highlights saves 3 seconds of video. Added ability to broadcast to Facebook groups.

Added ability to share screenshots to Weibo. Added ability to reset keyboard shortcuts to their default settings. GeForce Experience Client: Added ability to download and install experimental feature updates. Whisper Mode support for GeForce GTX 10 series Laptops, GTX and above requires driver Improved game scan time for first-time setup. GameStream to SHIELD: Added support for streaming games at 4k resolution through Steam Big Picture. Reduced video stutter by matching monitor refresh rates of client and server.

Bug Fixes Fixed issue where game assets do not show up if the PC is offline. Fixed DNF game performance drop with in-game overlay enabled requires driver Fixed case where in-game overlay would not be brought up if Instant Replay was on and game resolution was changed. Addressed various stability, performance, localization and security issues. Added HDR launch support from Steam Big Picture.

Improved audio quality for low-pitched sounds for 5. Improved video improvement around video stuttering during GameStream. Client Updates: Added release notes popup after client update. Improved stereo video capture using ShadowPlay. Added Whisper Mode support for GeForce GTX 10 series Laptops requires upcoming GeForce Driver to enable.

Bug Fixes Addressed various stability, performance and security issues. Fixed controller issue for GameStream for Hollow Knight.

Requires driver Streamlined controls for Broadcast and Gallery Upload Consolidated Gallery Upload and Broadcast into one window – removed requirement to select service provider prior to upload screen and added ability to directly log into service provider. Others: Added button to open Windows video folder from within the Gallery. Improved overlay performance at first launch.

Improved stability and reliability of GeForce Experience overlay – also addresses bugs associated with Mass Effect: Andromeda and Microsoft Outlook. Fixed case where FPS counter did not work in Shadow Warrior 2 and HDR mode. Fixed case where games running in HDR mode would crash when a screenshot was taken.

Fixed case where record would affect in-game FPS on Windows RS2 requires minimum driver version Release highlights summary displays upon completion of client self-update. Removed User Account Control prompt during self-update for admin users. Improved file cleanup of downloaded GeForce Experience installation files. Game Ready Drivers: Added ability to view Game Ready Driver videos in China. Added UI enhancements for Game Ready Driver notifications.

Game Optimization: Improved OPS recommendations for games with both DX11 and DX12 support. Game Code Redemption: Added reminder message to complete reward redemption. Added a badge to identify unredeemed rewards. GameStream to SHIELD: Improved audio quality with increased bit rate for local streaming and optimized audio encoding for low latency performance. Reduced game banding and better quality on static scenes using Pascal GPUs. Fixed issue with enabling multi-controller support when games are launched through Steam Big Picture.

Fixed issue with 2nd controller not functioning for Gang Beasts. Improved robustness around game launches. Others: Addressed various stability, performance and security improvements. Improved offline mode no internet connection experience. Fixed case where client’s full-screen state was not persisting upon re-launch.

Added desktop and in-client notifications for game code redemptions. GeForce Experience Overlay Improved overlay responsiveness and performance. Bugs fixed Fixed case where XSplit crashed when overlay was enabled. Added support for streaming games to SHIELD when PC monitor is in a sleep state. Fixed bug in multicontroller detection and controller support after resume from sleep for PES Fixed bug in multi-controller setting for games launched through Steam Big Picture.

Fixed game launch issue for Sonic Studio and Giana Sisters – Twisted Dreams. Fixed custom box art loading issue for manually added games. Fixed case where client launch was taking too long on some systems. Fixed case where FPS counter was shown on lock screen. Fixed case where broadcast and recording features were not fully enabled after clean driver installation.

Fixed the issue where upon Game Scan games could be detected in the Steam temp folder while downloading. Broadcast custom overlays are no longer set to default shortcuts. GeForce Experience client Improved launch time for first launch after installation and reboot. Support user interface to fit minimum size of x pixels. Removed email requirements for submit feedback. Bugs fixed Fixed case of long loading spinner on navigating to settings tab.

Fixed case where clicking on check for update in tray icon did not navigate to updates page when GFE was already open. Fixed case where game FPS would drop when Share notification slider was displayed. Fixed case where videos would be captured in stereo although display was in mono mode. Fixed case where UI showed a spinner infinitely if screenshots were not available for a game.

Fixed GameStream connectivity issue for Optimus systems or PC in sleep state Error Other Various stability and performance improvements.

Learn More. Fixed the error: Unable to determine the domain name Fixed the disk space constraint error while installing driver Fixed the case of empty white error page being shown when there is no internet connectivity while installing GeForce Experience Other Various enhancements for stability and security.

Upload screenshots and Ansel captures to Facebook. Upload video recordings to Facebook. Stream games from your PC to your TV in 4K with HDR Added support to GameStream up to 4K HDR. Added rumble feedback for the newly announced SHIELD controller.

Added left stick controller support for OSC and keyboard navigation. Added support for games purchased through Windows Games such as Gears of War 4 and Dead Rising 4. Added major improvements to pairing and connectivity. Bugs fixed Fixed case where GeForce Experience installation would not resume after reboot. Fixed case where GameStream services were not getting started after installing GeForce Experience with admin account and re-logging with non-admin account.

Fixed case where self-update installer would download the same version multiple times. Fixed case where custom driver installation would not show any customization options. Fixed Driver installation failure related to cases where intermediate reboot was required. Fixed case where screen goes black randomly in Overwatch when Share is enabled. Fixed controller and audio issues with GameStream and Watch Dogs 2.

Broadcast Improved broadcast video quality. GameStream Support for p DSR streaming. Bugs fixed Drivers tab is now optimized for x resolution. Fixed “Something went wrong. Try restarting GeForce Experience. Download Behind the Masks theme. Download Book of Sleep theme.

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